Benefits of Pulsor

Why Pulsor EMF Protector Products Are The Most Effective on the Market

There is an increasing number of products in the marketplace that claim to protect against the damage caused by EMF waves … or claim to rehabilitate after such damage has been done. Please consider carefully when choosing a protective product for yourself or your loved ones.

Pulsor Vortex Energy Stabilizer products are the only devices available that use Dr. George T. F. Yao's proprietary microcrystal composition. It is only this design that assures the following unique distinctions and benefits -

Balances and maintains the natural vortex polarities of your energy field. Re-establishes and maintains their proper rotation and function. Other devices may provide a short-term effect, but they do not maintain your proper vortex polarities. Protects the integrity of the human energy field.

Provides an energetic shield, neutralizing harmful frequencies and preventing EMFs from contaminating your personal energy field.

Allows your natural vital force to manifest. Your unique vibratory composition is what makes you… you!

Does not induce or tune your field to any extraneous frequency. All externally imposed entrainment is unnatural and un-healthy, even devices that seek to tune you to something "good." You simply want your own natural frequencies to express.

Creates no energy of its own. There is no "Pulsor energy" or "Pulsor frequency." Pulsor simply shields and balances, allowing natural energetic integrity to emerge.

Never wears out, needs recharging or cleaning. Absorbs no energy from systems with which it's been in contact. Unlike all natural crystals or stones, which absorb and retain the "energetic signature" of any field they encounter, Pulsor is able to transmute the energy into a benign form.

Pulsor is a passive device utilizing no electronic circuitry. Any device utilizing electrical current will imbalance the vortex energy system and entrain the user to unnecessary frequencies.

Pulsor is a potent therapeutic tool, not just a protective device. The use of proven, gentle Pulsor Balancing Techniques releases the energetic "grafts" that we accumulate by simply living in today's world. Like static riding on a radio signal, distorting the clarity of transmission, these long term "grafts" distort our energetic integrity. This can lead to physical manifestations and prevent us from experiencing our individual, essential nature.

Therapeutic use of Pulsor allows brain wave patterns to easily shift into alpha, theta, and even delta, enabling deeper states of calm, meditation and physical well-being.

Pulsor can be utilized to stabilize and balance the energy fields not just of living things, but of the environment and electrical equipment. Utilizing Pulsor technology within your surroundings can neutralize the negative effects of electrical devices and geopathic fields. Many Feng Shui practitioners find Pulsor to be an invaluable tool in their practice.